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Discrimination occurred has and does occur through many form. Many of which were instituted by sexist and outdated policies. Common occurrences…

Academic Progression of Women's Studies


Undergraduates played a large within the creation of the women's studies program at the University of Pittsburgh. Through many form that are not just…

Internal Activism at Pitt


A variety of internal group at Pitt have played major roles in the push for equality and equity. Many of where created for the specific reason of…

Gender Identity and Sexuality


Deals with pieces pertaining to gender identities, sexualities. This can includes things such as gender roles in academia, law, and everyday life.

Outside Organization Activism

There's An Upsurge Of Blacks In Women's Rights Ranks.pdf

Outside programs and initiatives used to help achieve equality and equity. Through the implementation of the women's studies program, women's rights…

Abortion Activism

pgh clinics.jpeg

Abortion activism with the Pitt Community. Deals with Roe v. Wade pieces, protests, and clinics.