Academic Progression of Women's Studies

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Academic Progression of Women's Studies


Undergraduates played a large within the creation of the women's studies program at the University of Pittsburgh. Through many form that are not just administrative.

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Undergrads Break Into Teaching
This news article is from the Pitt News in September 1972. Dean Schneewind discussed with Undergraduate Teaching Assistants about the opportunity to teach courses at Pitt through the fellowship. Mary Smolover and Kathy Davis are two undergraduates…

Fighting For Women Studies Major
Cynthia Sutherland, Coordinator of Women’s Studies at Pitt, is meeting with the College of Arts and Science's council to make Women's Studies a major instead of just a certificate.

Women's Studies Department having Issues with Funding and Faculty
Women studies faculty demonstrate how they are in need of more funding for the program as well as a larger faculty. The growing workload to keep up with the growing demand for classes is put onto the three faculty members who were initially hired.…

Faculty Approves Women's Studies
An article discussing the vote to approve the Women's Studies program in October of 1971. It describes the original proposal for the program as well as the Hornstein Amendment.

The University and Women
This edition of Pitt's magazine from the fall of 1970 details the early stages of discussing the Women Studies program at Pitt. With the encouragement from professors like Dr. Ina Braden and Marcia Landy, Pitt started to offer more courses directed…

"Prologue to the Women's Studies Program"- The First Courses
The first list of proposed courses for the Women's Studies program. Included in the "Prologue to the Women's Studies Program" created by the ACWO.

Previous Women’s Studies Department Chair Announced as New Dean of School of Arts and Sciences
Mary Louise Briscoe was the previous Chair of Women's Studies department as in proceeding Wesley W. Posvar as Dean of the School of Arts and sciences. She plans to change and create better curriculum.

Ellen Ganley Calls out FAS
Ellen Ganley, a very active and outspoken student for the women's movement, called out the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) in a 1971 article published by the Pitt News. Ganley expresses the anger amongst many female students at the lack of a…

"Petition circulated for Women's Studies"
The Undergraduate Women's Union began circulating a petition in early 1972 to gather support for the creation of the Women's Studies program. Included in the petition was a request for the program to receive adequate funding and five faculty members.…

English courses begin incorporating feminist criticism
This short description of newly added english courses from 1970 demonstrate the shift towards incorporating feminist critque in classes from various departments. These classes can be seen as a precursor to the Women's Studies program.
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