Roberta Salper On-Campus Activism

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Pitt's first ever panel on sex and sexualities

In March 1969, Dr. Roberta Salper was involved in the first ever panel of a year long series, discussing male-female relationships and the impact of gender roles in a variety of settings, and societal changes that need to occur as a result of these findings. Following her work in an article called "The Role of the Female in the American University," as well as her other involvement in women's studies, she was selected as a speaker on this panel to discuss these issues and develop answers to critical questions at the time, such as "what is male chauvanism" and "How many of our sexual hang-ups result from culturally programmed conceptions of our sex roles?"

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Discussion panels on gender roles

Similar to Roberta Salper's work in the Sex and Sexuality series, another panel known as Man/Woman: New Dimensions, focuses on the interactions of men and women, as well as the implications of gender roles in the workplace. Roberta Salper moderated this panel, continuing her work in gender studies.

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CAS 1 class

The College of Arts and Sciences, led by Dr. Roberta Salper and her associates, developed provisions for several new courses since 1968, focusing on a variety of new subject fields. As many faculty and undergraduates were pushing for the development of a women's studies program at this time, several courses were dedicated to this focus, including CAS 1. This class was called Human Sexuality, and was led by Dr. Joseph Hinchliffe.

On-Campus Activism